You are awesome!Make A Wish
Professional, timely, and great product!Extra Extra Creative
Waseem with Whosevent was very responsive, and all went great!Vanyer Media
Waseem is very easy to coordinate with. Quick setup. Good looking equipment with great results. Very effective for social media marketing. Highly recommend!House of Horology
They provide a great service. Everyone I encountered was helpful and accommodating. Communication was prompt.Fordham GBA
Waseem was very patient in answering all of my emails prior to booking and Mike was very friendly and helpful on the day of the event… My company is very pleased with the final results–the printouts are adorable! Thank you so much Whosevent!DramaFever
It was amazing to have WhosEvent Booth with us to capture the spirit of our wedding! One of the greatest highlights for all!Happy Wedding
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